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Foundation of the French Academy of Medicine

Since 2014, the Foundation of the French Academy of Medicine, with the support of the Airbus Foundation, has been organizing training courses in heliborne emergency medicine. These training courses enable doctors, nurses, paramedics, hospital and prehospital staff, civilians and military personnel from emerging countries to combine theoretical and practical learning by practicing, in particular, on real-life situations aboard helicopters.

Since the creation of this training program :

  • 13 training courses have been delivered in China, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Brazil and Thailand.

  • 2000 people from airline and rescue companies, first-aid companies, the armed forces and the hospital sector have been trained.

Missions to China, and Columbia are already scheduled for 2024. Thanks to the creation of a scientific committee , the Foundation of the French Academy of Medicine has published the first handbook guide dedicated exclusively to heliborne emergency medicine.

While consultation in French, English, Chinese and Spanish of this book is free, you can purchase the French and English version for 15 € (excluding shipping costs).