Welcome to the HEMS training modules portal, under the patronage of the Foundation of the French Academy of Medicine

Training modules in emergency medicine are offered to doctors and medical staff throughout the world. They enable local doctors to familiarize themselves with French emergency and disaster medicine techniques.

These courses are organized with the support of the Airbus Foundation. Participants have the opportunity to practice in real-life rescue conditions with the help of a helicopter, thus combining theory and practice.

Such training programs have been set up in Brazil, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Bolivia and China and have trained 1 000 medical personnel.

You will find in this portal the materials used for your training, divided into 13 sub-categories:

History of HEMS

Flight Physiology

Indications and contraindications of helicopters in medical transport

Transport of polytrauma patients

Cleaning and disinfection

HEMS and medical pathologies

Rescue in assembly

Medical and non medical equipment

Place of the helicopter during disasters

Preparation of the patient for helicopter transport




These contents are downloadable and available online if you are authorized.