Foundation of the French Academy of Medicine


Despite progress and innovations in medicine, inequalities in access to healthcare persist. Health is not only dependent on genetic capital but also on good daily practices: nutrition, physical exercise, environment…

The Foundation of the French Academy of Medicine believes that every human being should have access to the best in health. Reliable information, access to quality healthcare and effective prevention will enable everyone to protect their health and that of their loved ones.

Olivier BOHUON

President of the Foundation of the French Academy of Medicine


Raising awareness, preventing illness, innovating

to promote access to the best of health

Gathering experts to disseminate knowledge and best practices in health

  • Organizing thematic debates open to all actors of civil society

  • Feedback to political decision-makers

  • Publication of white papers and prevention materials

Act on the field alongside all stakeholders in society


  • Scholarships and mentorship to support students in medicine and pharmacy

  • Heliborne emergency medicine training in emerging countries

  • Co-construction of prevention and research programs

  • Supporting innovative initiatives

Encouraging philanthropy / Sheltered foundations


  • Customised support to create and develop one’s own sheltered foundation in the healthcare sector

  • Network of foundations with complementary fields of action

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