Nurse Anaesthetist

Aline BONNOT TALBOT works as a nurse anaesthetist (IADE) at the DIJON University Hospital.

A versatile professional, she alternates her duties in the anaesthesia, adult, paediatric and obstetrics departments, as well as in the emergency department, particularly in pre-hospital care.

She holds a DIU in applied pedagogy for the health professions and a university certificate of complementary study in active pedagogy in simulation in the health sciences. She actively participates as a trainer in the activity of the Centre d’Enseignement des Soins d’Urgence (CESU).

Her experience in heliborne patient transport, since 2006, and in the creation of immersive and “field” training, led her to co-lead several aeronautical medicine seminars in West Africa.

Since January 2021, Aline has joined the FAM team in order to participate in the writing of the white paper and to conduct in situ training.