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under the patronage of the Foundation of the French Academy of Medicine

Providing care to injured victims, whatever they may be, is ancient. However, bringing a medical team to them and ensuring their rapid transport to provide the care they deserve is recent and above all, has been made possible with the development of heliborne transport.

Since 2013, the Airbus Foundation and the Foundation of the French Academy of Medicine have combined their extensive networks in many countries and their medical and industrial expertise to offer an innovative training program in heliborne emergency medicine.

The training sessions bring together French doctors, resuscitators and emergency physicians, some of whom are in charge of EMS (emergency medical services), and with the helicopters present in each of the countries visited. This gives participants the chance to practice their skills in real-life rescue conditions, with the help of a helicopter, combining theory and practice.

Over the past 10 years, 13 training sessions have been delivered in Brazil, Mexico, India, Indonesia, Thailand, China and Nepal, training more than 1,800 medical staff.


In 2023, thanks to its scientific committee, the Foundation of the French Academy of Medicine has published the first handbook guide dedicated exclusively to heliborne emergency medicine. It is available in English, French, Chinese and Spanish.